Hello You.

The Waste No Time project is an experiment in people powered democracy happening across the Causeway Coast & Glens Council area. People have been creatively sharing the stories that matter to them and exploring why people believe it’s a ‘waste of time’ talking to us, talking to ‘that lot’, talking to ‘them up there’.


The WNoT partners involved in this project: Building Community Resource Centre; Beyond Skin; Charo Lanao-Madden; Corrymeela; Rural Community Network; Triangle Housing; CAN: Triangle Housing; Jez Hall: Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council; Building Change Trust. Collectively we bring a wide range of skills, experiences and passion for this work and project

Here’s a blog with links to Democracy Day – video, report & slides. Building Change Trust
Every day is democracy day


We’ve been using Sherry Arnstein’s ladder a great deal to explain the purpose of the Waste No Time Project with respect to community planning. As one of the citizens involved commented, it’s about making sure “that dialogue never becomes a monologue between people, between citizens and those who make decisions.”

Have a look at the results from the survey that was carried out. Thank you to all who took part.
Survey Results